The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption

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The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High

The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High – Fuel consumption is something unavoidable. You need it for electricity and also transportation. However, since the source of the fuel is fossils, and their amount is decreasing, many countries try to find some alternatives or try to minimise fossil fuel use. How about the US? Well, the bars of fossil fuel consumption is still high.
• There is No Significant Rise, but…
The concern of fossil fuel consumption emerged some decades ago, yet for the US, it seems that they don’t do much about it. When other countries try to make some alternatives or make some policies about the fossil fuel consumption, the US still does nothing.

It can be seen from the statistics of the US fossil fuel energy consumption from1985-2019 that there is no significant change. The bars don’t rise or drop significantly. It stays around 60 to 80 quadrillion British thermal units. They will definitely get a stable income. Still, it is different with these stable bars.

These bars show that there is no earnest effort from the US government and the public to lower fossil fuel consumption. Furthermore, this means that if the US cannot produce their own fuel, they need to import it. This only means one thing, the US will spend more to buy the fuel.

• The Supply is Worrying
The US has several sources of fossil fuels, one of them is the East Coast. From the Product Supplied statistics, the amount of the products drops drastically from 600,000 thousand barrels in December 2019 to around 500,000 thousand barrels in May 2020. The experts are worried that the supply will not be sufficient. If you want something sufficient, it will only be on the, where players can get an adequate jackpot compared to the capital.

The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High

The data in 2019 said that every day 9.27 million barrels were consumed in the US or approximately 3.39 billion barrels per year. Therefore, the government import fuel supply from other countries to fulfil the need.
The US should do something if they don’t want to spend more money only on fuel. There should be a massive change in their way of consuming fuel if they’re going to preserve their fossil fuel and money. It is not only the government’s responsibility but also US citizens as well.

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