Some Special Events held by AGA

Some Special Events held by AGA – The American Gas Association (AGA) is a trade organization founded in 1918. This trade organization represents more than 200 companies supplying natural gas and others with an interest in the development of gas equipment and gas production.

AGA members are suppliers to 92% of 70 million natural gas customers in the United States. Of course as an organization that houses many companies, of course AGA also holds several activities. A variety of special events will also be held by AGA in 2018. For those of you who are curious, here are some brief reviews of the events to be held by AGA.

Various AGA Events at the End of 2018

For this fall, AGA will hold an AGA Operations Section Fall Committee Meeting. This special event that brings together the AGA operations section will be held on October 22, 2018 to October 26, 2018. The location is located at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel, Fort Worth, Texas. The AGA operations section committee works together to anticipate and plan to face challenges in the world of natural gas.

In this forum, the committee provided a place for professionals in the industry to discuss operational, maintenance, engineering, and technological aspects in transporting, storing, distributing and measuring natural gas. The meeting agenda for each committee will be in mid-August.

Still in the same month, AGA will also hold AGA / EEI / INGAA Security Committees & Conference events. This event will be held on October 22, 2018 until October 25, 2018. The location is also at Omni Ft. Worth in Texas. This meeting will be held in conjunction with the AGA Operations Section Fall Technical Committee Meetings.

This event also includes AGA and many related organization ranges from INGA natural gas, EEI, and the related organization security committee as well. This meeting is only open to AGA members and EEI members. Invited guests must have approval from the leadership of the AGA or EEI. AGA also cooperates with sbobet in the world gas event.

If this was a special event held for internal AGA, then there is a Natural Gas Roundtable Luncheon which will be held on October 24, 2018. In particular, you can come to this event. Natural Gas Roundtable Luncheon is a panel discussion event held by AGA. The location is located at AGA Headquarters in Washington.

This event is held a few weeks before this year’s election. The Natural Gas Roundtable Luncheon is expected to bring experts to discuss the current political environment and what the energy industry can expect from those who will vote. Thus are some special and interesting events held by the AGA as an organization that houses natural gas companies in the United States.

The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High
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The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High

The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High – Fuel consumption is something unavoidable. You need it for electricity and also transportation. However, since the source of the fuel is fossils, and their amount is decreasing, many countries try to find some alternatives or try to minimise fossil fuel use. How about the US? Well, the bars of fossil fuel consumption is still high.
• There is No Significant Rise, but…
The concern of fossil fuel consumption emerged some decades ago, yet for the US, it seems that they don’t do much about it. When other countries try to make some alternatives or make some policies about the fossil fuel consumption, the US still does nothing.

It can be seen from the statistics of the US fossil fuel energy consumption from1985-2019 that there is no significant change. The bars don’t rise or drop significantly. It stays around 60 to 80 quadrillion British thermal units. They will definitely get a stable income. Still, it is different with these stable bars.

These bars show that there is no earnest effort from the US government and the public to lower fossil fuel consumption. Furthermore, this means that if the US cannot produce their own fuel, they need to import it. This only means one thing, the US will spend more to buy the fuel.

• The Supply is Worrying
The US has several sources of fossil fuels, one of them is the East Coast. From the Product Supplied statistics, the amount of the products drops drastically from 600,000 thousand barrels in December 2019 to around 500,000 thousand barrels in May 2020. The experts are worried that the supply will not be sufficient. If you want something sufficient, it will only be on the, where players can get an adequate jackpot compared to the capital.

The Bars of Fossil Fuel Consumption is Still High

The data in 2019 said that every day 9.27 million barrels were consumed in the US or approximately 3.39 billion barrels per year. Therefore, the government import fuel supply from other countries to fulfil the need.
The US should do something if they don’t want to spend more money only on fuel. There should be a massive change in their way of consuming fuel if they’re going to preserve their fossil fuel and money. It is not only the government’s responsibility but also US citizens as well.

What Does Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US?
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What Does Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US?

What Does Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US? – The alternative fuel is definitely the important thing that everyone needs now in order to save the earth. That is the reason why there are so many people and organizations that start their campaign to make you and anybody else become much more aware using the alternative fuels instead of the fossil fuel. Well, the same thing has been happening in the United States for quite a while as there are lots of efforts done by the government and the third parties to provide the alternative fuel that the people want. Furthermore, there are some other significant issues that encourage the use of alternative fuels. What are they? Let’s find out below.
– The Challenges for Petroleum Refining Industry
The United States of America has been known so well because of its notable petroleum refining industry which is also the biggest in the world. Then, it seems like it has several serious problems because many related companies have to suit many challenges in this recent time. One of them that can affect the industry so significantly is the various costs of the crude oil. In the other words, the global fluctuation in the crude oil price will definitely will create bad effects in many aspects in human’s life. So then, do not be surprised that the price of the gasoline can get more and more increased over time. This kind situation must make the people have the harder life to live for sure. Based on this fact, it is actually no wonder that the people, including you, tend to change their demands of fuel. They prefer using the alternative fuels to keep their vehicle work, such as bio-diesel, ethanol, butane, propane, non-fossil methane, and so on.

Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US

– The Better Option to Keep the Environment
The Alternative fuel can be the better option that you can take mainly if you want to keep the environment as well as possible. There are many experts that have proven that the alternative fuel will be able to improve the quality of the air nicely. For example, the corn based ethanol can reduce the carbon intensity up to 34%. Even better, according to feedstock, the cellulosic ethanol can even reduce the emissions up to 88% to 108% as it depends on how much you use the advanced fuel. So, it is obvious that the alternative fuel will decrease air pollution and the effects of climate changes as well.


Facts of Fuel Consumption in The US up to Present

It is undeniable that we should change our lifestyle, including fossil fuel consumption. Since this kind of energy source is not renewable in a short time, there should be other sources to meet the demand. Thus, renewable energy exists, and the US uses it to decrease fossil fuel consumption.
• Renewable Energy Source
The US actively searches and uses alternative energy sources to meet their need. Although 80 per cent of energy source is still a fossil fuel, the US already uses nuclear and renewable sources, even double the share of energy consumption this year. It just a matter of time for the US to consume less or none fossil fuels.

The US prefers nuclear energy more since 42 per cent of renewable energy consumption comes from nuclear. Then, 25 per cent of energy consumption is from biomass such as biofuels and wood. The numbers are growing each year, just like how savings are growing each time. Besides those two sources, wind and solar power use also start to dominate.

• Rank Five in the World
Although not in the first position, in 2017, the US should be proud enough to be number five of the world’s ten largest economies for proportions of energy source is the renewable and nuclear one. This is proof that this superpower country does care about the earth and future, so they try their best to change over from fossil fuels. It is like online casino players who try their best to make income by playing on so they can change their future.

Facts of Fuel Consumption

Washington State and New Hampshire lead the renewable and nuclear energy consumption race by using these kinds of energy source for 50 per cent of their energy need. It means that they are succeeded to decrease the use of fossil fuels to 50 per cent. Other states also followed to use of renewable and nuclear energy source more. It is expected that they can get the same percentage as Washington and New Hampshire in several years ahead.
The US has already tried the best to decrease fossil fuel consumption and change into the more eco-friendly, renewable energy source. Let’s hope that this big country will be more adamant in this matter can become an example for other countries.

Facts about Gasoline That You Need to Know in US
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Facts about Gasoline That You Need to Know in US

Facts about Gasoline That You Need to Know in US – US has been known as one of the biggest nations in the world. It means the fuel consumption that this nation needs are considered as something gigantic. However, you cannot deny that US does not have anything to produce their own fuel. That is why you might be interested in knowing some other facts about the fuel that all of the American use for their everyday things.

– The Gasoline is Transported Using Large Pipelines
Some people are thinking that the gasoline that they buy at the gas station is transported using the container. That is not a wrong opinion, but you need to know that the process is not the main transportation process. The main process is when the finished gasoline is transported to the main container that is usually located on one place. Most of the time, you will find this kind of gas center in every state because each state needs a lot of oil and gasoline supply. This way, all of those gas stations in a state do not need to wait for a long time if they are running out of the fuel stock because the fuel center is still inside the same state.

– No Specific Brand of Oil
You might have known that there are a lot of different oil and gasoline brands out there in United States. However, you need to realize that those brands are not fully specific. It is because the very first process of gasoline production, they were mixed with some other brands. It means to make a specific kind of gasoline or oil; a brand needs the help from some other resources. So, if you think that you are buying gasoline in A, you might also be buying the gasoline from B. It is because there is a possibility that brand A was using products from brand B for mixing.

– Crude Oil Was Mixed
Before you are using the gasoline that you are using right now, the process started with the crude oil. It can be considered as the main material that will turn into some other different kinds of oil products. One of them is the gasoline. However, do you know that those crude oils were mixed together before it is processed? Yes, those crude oils from some different places were mixed together to make the right composition that will later be used to make a specific oil product.

The Causes of Gasoline Declining in United States
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The Causes of Gasoline Declining in United States

The Cause of Gasoline Declining in United States – The up and down price of a gasoline is something that many nations have to deal with. It is meant to help stabilizing the economy of the nation through the policy of its gasoline price. However, this time it is quite different. The reason is because the price of the gasoline is reaching its lowest position. The latest price is around 1,88 dollars per gallon of gasoline. That is why this position is considered as the lowest of all. For those who have not known, there are actually some possible causes why this thing is happening in United States.

– Russian Arabian Trade War
Trade war will always be one of the greatest cause of many problems. It is because the trade war will affect many other parts of the life, especially the financial and economical parts of it. For your information, this is also one of those things that caused the declining price of the gasoline in United States. Actually, it not affecting the declining price directly. It is because the trade war between UEA and Russia causes the declining price of the black gold. The up and down price of the black gold gives the significant impact to the price of the gasoline in United States.

– Corona Virus
We cannot argue anymore that the COVID19 virus is one of the biggest threat that we have to deal right now. It is because this virus is very dangerous. As an addition to that, the existence of this virus is able to change many things, including the economy in United States. One of the result of the tremor on this field is the declining price of the gasoline. The reports that almost all countries are experiencing deflation due to this virus, which also triggers oil prices to soar as a result of stockpiling. For your information, 1,88 dollars is the average price of gasoline in United States. It means there are some places where you can buy it for the cheaper price.

– Competition Between Brands
The last reason is the completion between one brand with the other brand. You have to admit that to keep your business running, there are decisions to make. The same thing is done by those gasoline brands in United States. There are some brands in United States that give a very cheap price for every gallon of gas that they sell. As a matter of fact, there is a gas station in New York, one of the biggest cities in United States, that sells a gallon of gas with the price of 0.62 dollars. This is below the standard that the Ohio has made.

Initiating Green Jobs by Renewable Fuels Associations
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Initiating Green Jobs by Renewable Fuels Associations

Initiating Green Jobs by Renewable Fuels Associations – Renewable Fuel Associations (RFA) is an organization established in 1981 that concern on developing Renewable Fuel for daily use. In the very beginning, RFA presenting how Ethanol works as a fuel and promoting to public why people need to change their unrenewable fuel into Ethanol. As time goes by, RFA has many projects and developing researches about renewable fuel for daily use.

– Green Jobs
In the very beginning, Green Jobs aimed to introduce Ethanol Industry to public, just meant to introduce online Sbobet to players. In this case, they want to show what Ethanol Industry is, and how to use Ethanol effectively. As time goes by, some survey is held to see what the real purpose of the program is:

  • Rural Area
    Seeing the condition of rural area in some countries, RFA rethinks about the target place of using Ethanol. While both rural and cities definitely needs ethanol, rural area actually needs ethanol more than cities. They always find difficulties when it comes to distribution of fuel. While using Ethanol is much easier to produce.

The industries of ethanol can open their production house in that rural area. And that is fine for people in rural area to accept ethanol industries. It will help them when finding fuel for their needs.

  • Economic Development
    Talking about rural area means you cannot avoid talking about economic development in it. In rural area, increasing of fuel distribution potentially increase 75% of economic development. This can market, people in rural area can mobile to another place easily.

As a solution, ethanol can be one of the best solutions provided to solve problems for rural area. At the same time, ethanol is also friendly for environment. This renewable fuel could be one of the option to change the use of fossil fuel.

– Setting the Right Target
To maintain the production of ethanol fuel, in this case RFA try to reduce the target. Some experts said that the committee is giving too high target about ethanol. In fact, to start the production, RFA should start from the beginning and chose the right place to be their target market.

This is one of the reason why environmental compliance committee finally re-examine all the guidance that is already provided about Renewable Fuel. This also apply for ethanol production in some places still need to be improved.

To fulfill the needs of renewable fuel, RFA need complete facilities and also support from stakeholders. Choosing rural area as the right place to produce ethanol is already good way to start a campaign of using renewable fuel as the main fuel, but RFA and all stakeholders have to maintain all the thing related to producing and also distribution of Ethanol itself.

Sustainable Energy Becomes a New Future in America
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Sustainable Energy Becomes a New Future in America

Sustainable Energy Becomes a New Future in America – Sustainable energy is a provision of sustainable energy to meet current and future needs. The United States itself continues to develop the renewable energy industry. Especially in the land of Uncle Sam, there are many giant companies that have switched to 100 percent of the use of green electricity.

When you use electricity in America, it could be an energy source from wind turbines located in Texas or solar fields in Virginia. Facts show that world consumers are helping America in building an energy empire. According to some media in the United States, renewable energy has changed from 9 percent to 18 percent of the American energy mix.

Development of Sustainable Energy in the United States

The increase from 9 percent to 18 percent of the US energy mix, is said to come from the construction of a fast-moving technology company cloud storage center and steps to polish America’s public image by using renewable clean energy.

Especially at this time, state electricity companies are changing policies and making agreements to meet the increasing demands of renewable energy. In some cases shifting from traditional electricity supplies such as coal and natural gas to wind and solar power. Even in the state of West Virgnia which is a coal mining site though.

Since last year until now, four companies have been listed as renewable energy users in the world, namely Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. Google has even announced that they have used 100% clean energy since a year ago. All facilities and data centers run one hundred percent using renewable electricity.

In fact on the ground, the industry continues to force electricity companies to offer electricity from wind and solar resources. Until Walmart, GM, and Budweiser switched to the goal of running more of their global business from renewable energy. This is bad news for the coal industry that is struggling to rise again.

Coal producers have experienced a decline since 2008. Even though during the Trump administration there was already a promise to review unfriendly environmental regulations, but government regulations did not want to reduce coal production. But the growing market now wants green energy from sustainable energy.

Seeing this phenomenon, it can be concluded that America is currently promoting the use of green energy in its industry. But the use of coal is still relied on by some industries. While currently the coal industry is struggling in the midst of increasingly widespread use of green energy. So little is knowledge about the sustainable energy used in America. Hopefully it can be replicated by developing countries.

What are Fuels and the Importance of Fuel Consultant Association?
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What are Fuels and the Importance of Fuel Consultant Association?

What are Fuels and the Importance of Fuel Consultant Association? – The discussion about fuels around the world is never-ending. The world demands more fuels in the future which makes it seems impossible because the resources get dwindling over time. The alternative for the resource of the natural fuels needs to consider because of we need to think about the future and our generations, therefore the fuel consultant association is needed to give a solution for better ideas of the use of fuel.

What is Fuel?

The concept of fuel is any kind of material that can release energy to be used to work, especially heat. The first fuel discovered by human is in the form of wood. Our ancestors also used animal or plant fat as the source of the fuel to provide heat energy. Later on, charcoal is found and is used as the derivative of the wood itself.

While online gambling games can be grouped into several categories, fuel can be categorized into two in general. They are chemical and nuclear. We live mostly using chemical fuels, such as diesel, charcoal, and gasoline. The chemical fuel gets its energy by releasing the energy which reacts to the material or element in the surrounding through the burning process or usually known as the combusting process.

The chemical fuel can be categorized into some categories based on physical nature and its occurrences, such as solid fuel, liquid fuel, fuel gas, biofuels, fossil fuels, and energy. As for the nuclear fuel, it can be categorized into two subcategories, there are fission and fusion.

The Importance of Fuel Consultant Association

Among many types of fuels, some fuel and gas companies have their resources to compete with one another to make a bigger profit. The price instability that occurs in the fuel market can destroy the price of the fuel itself. Therefore, to give the best solution and solve other problems that arise, the fuel consultant association presents an effective solution for fuel businesses.

The fuel consultant also gives a solution to any problems that happened in the field during the production process. There are many categories in the fuel that have mentioned above. Each production of fuel has its problems and only experts can help give the solution to the problem.

The concept of fuel is any kind of material that can release energy to be used to work, especially heat. In general, fuel can be categorized into two main categories. They are chemical and nuclear. The price instability that occurs in the fuel market can destroy the price of the fuel itself. The fuel consultant association presents as an effective solution for fuel businesses.

Renewable Fuel Standard in US Based on RFA
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Renewable Fuel Standard in US Based on RFA

Renewable Fuel Standard in US Based on RFA – Renewable Fuel Association (RFA) has already started to produce renewable fuel for some countries. Beside doing research about what kind of the best renewable fuel is, they also has already chosen some places as the place of producing and also doing the advance research of renewable fuel. However, RFA still has their own standard of renewable fuel before they produce it for public. These are some standards of renewable fuel provided by RFA.
1. Pollution Standards
As for renewable fuel, RFA has their own standard of it. The fuel should have 60% reduction to gasoline. Before producing the renewable fuel, some research already conducted, and this is the result:

  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission
    As the result, ethanol actually can reduce carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide emission is very bad for our environment even though we still need it too. It should remind us as how people think online gambling games are bad but they keep accessing to bet. It is unavoidable.
  • Compared to Gasoline
    Compared to gasoline or fossil fuel, renewable fuel can reduce 34% of emission. This result actually kind a good result because it is eco-friendly and ready to produce.

2. Blend Wall
The vehicle operated in US nowadays still have limitations about maximum amount of ethanol can be used in the engine. The total maximum amount of ethanol in the fuel is 10%. If people want to use ethanol for the fuel more than 15%, they have to modify their engine. This could be a problem because to modify the engines, we need additional cost.

The solution is to blend the fossil fuel and mix it with renewable fuel as much as the engine can accept. This way of blending usually call as blending wall in America and could be consider as a solution of start using renewable fuel for the car. For some cars, blend wall cannot be used because the engine cannot accept it. If the owner wants to modify the whole engine, they can start using renewable fuel for the cars.

In sum, we need the engine to work well but we also need to preserve our own environment. We plan to live in it for years ahead, and this solution in fuel should be celebrated. Modifying the engine is also helpful while combining fuel sources should be a good alternative as well.

Ammonia Fuel Energy and its safety features
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Ammonia Fuel Energy and its safety features

Ammonia or also known as NH3 is a chemical compound that has the form of a gas with a distinctive sharp odor. Ammonia is a stable compound and has a function as a basic material for the production of nitrogen compounds commercially. At present, ammonia has been used as a base material for ammonia energy sources.

In the United States alone, ammonia is regulated as a non-flammable gas. Ammonia is made by haber bosch process at a temperature of 370 – 540 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 10 – 1000 atm, using Fe3O4 catalyst. This catalyst has a function to expand the lattice and enlarge the active surface. Then high temperatures are used to get the desired reaction rate. The following is a discussion of ammonia energy sources

Energy Sources from Ammonia and Its Advantages

The use of fuel derived from ammonia has actually been widely applied in the world. In its history, ammonia is safe enough to be used as an energy source. Some even say that the use of ammonia is quite safe as is the use of gasoline as fuel from cars.

Read More : Application of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

But there are indeed many misconceptions about the safety of using NH3 or ammonia. The most important fact that must be known is that energy sources derived from ammonia are more environmentally friendly because they do not produce emissions that result in a greenhouse effect. Of course this is superior to the use of fuel oil which results in this.

Because of its main advantages which do not have an impact on the ozone layer, the use of ammonia as an energy source is increasingly common. This idea has emerged many years ago. As we know, that the use of fuel oil has an impact on global climate change that is happening now.

At present, the use of fuel derived from ammonia is sufficiently developed abroad. In fact there are also associations that take care of the use of ammonia. This could be a sign that there is a possibility that someday fossil fuels will be replaced with alternative fuels such as ammonia.

The use of energy made from ammonia is also considered to be ideal for replacing fuel oil. Another advantage of ammonia is that it is cheaper compared to fossil fuels today. In addition to ammonia conversion is also not expensive because it only changes the intake, without having to change the engine to be used. But of course the level of security from the use of ammonia must be considered.

Because of its gas form, what must be considered is its flammability. Do not let an accident occur in the use of ammonia energy sources. So the information can be given, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who want to know about alternative energy sources from ammonia.

Application of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

Application of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

Developing countries in this world have been using fossil fuels as an energy source. The use of energy sources derived from fossil fuels is certainly very wasteful. Because nobody ever knows when fossil fuels will eventually run out. Although fuel prices soar, the use of fuel from these fossils has never been reduced.

In this modern era, it’s time for us to think of a substitute for BBM. Fuel cell technology is one alternative. Fuel cell is a fuel with hydrogen base. This alternative fuel is an electronic device capable of converting free energy changes from an electronic reaction to electrical energy. The following is a further explanation of fuel cell energy.

Fuel Cell as Alternative Energy in Indonesia

The working principle of a fuel cell is to use an electrochemical process in which hydrogen and oxygen are used as fuel. The main component of the fuel cell consists of an electrolyte in the form of a special layer placed between two electrodes.

A chemical process called ion exchange occurs in the electrolyte and produces electricity and hot water. Fuel cells produce electrical energy without burning from the fuel, so there is no pollution in the use of this fuel cell.

Of course the use of this fuel cell is also not without constraints. When compared with batteries, these fuel cells not only store but also produce electrical energy continuously as long as there is a fuel supply. This is certainly an advantage of fuel cell energy. Efficacy and the absence of pollution produced. But the problem is in the process of producing hydrogen.

Although hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, its presence is bound by oxide compounds. So that to produce hydrogen energy, electricity is needed which is mostly produced from energy sources that cause pollution. Another problem that also arises is that if hydrogen becomes fuel it is about hydrogen distribution infrastructure to the user’s place.

In developed countries, this technology is no longer new. Examples include the United States (US), Japan, Germany, and England. These countries have been developing this technology since long. In Indonesia itself, what triggers the use of hydrogen as fuel is due to environmental issues and energy conservation.

Some vehicle manufacturers have also supported this campaign by producing vehicles with hydrogen fuel. One of them is General Motors (GM) which has released a prototype of a hydrogen-fuelled car. This car uses wafer-shaped tunnels that function to separate hydrogen atoms into protons and electrons. If the government does intend to replace fuel oil with fuel cells from hydrogen, then a comprehensive socialization should be carried out for all levels of society.

Types of Fuel Recognized by the United States Association of Fuel Consuls
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Types of Fuel Recognized by the United States Association of Fuel Consuls

Fuel is a source of energy needed by all countries in the world. There are various types of fuel used in the world. The most used type of fossil fuels. For developed countries like the United States, there are many types and sources of fuel used.

For example, ethanol fuel. Since 2005, the United States has become the largest producer of ethanol in the world. The country produced 13.2 billion gallons of ethanol fuel in 2010. Generally, ethanol fuels in the United States are used as gasoline oxygenates in low mixtures of up to 10%.

Fuel in the United States

Although it has developed fuel from ethanol, the United States still uses fuel. Even in 2017, the estimated consumption of fuel oil in the United States is getting higher. This was triggered by the increasing number of car sales. Logically, if more people use motorized vehicles, then of course more and more people from also need gasoline as an energy source from motor vehicles.

So far, the United States government has released the price of vehicle fuel in the market mechanism. Gasoline sold in America is divided into three classes: regular, midgrade, and premium. Because prices are released to the market mechanism, it is not uncommon for gas stations to sell at different prices even though the distance is close.

Unlike the other government, which is diligent in providing subsidies, the United States government actually imposes a tax for the purchase of fuel oil. The federal government imposes a tax of 18.4 cents for each gallon of gasoline. As for the state, the tax given is different again. Turning to the use of biodiesel fuel in the United States.

This country still limits the use of biodiesel fuel to a maximum of 20%. The source of biodiesel fuel is vegetable material in the form of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) from palm oil. This material is considered to cause air pollution if used more than 20%.

The use of biodiesel fuel made from FAME is also in the spotlight because the process of opening new land is considered to contribute to the increase in greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the goal of replacing fossil fuels is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Until now, the use of biodiesel with FAME material is still very limited to be used in the United States.

Until now, the largest biofuel used in America is still in the form of bioethanol. The sources of bioethanol are soybeans, sugar cane, and corn. In the world today, America and Brazil are the two biggest producers of bioethanol in the world. So a little explanation about the fuel used in the United States. Hopefully it can be useful knowledge for you.

Modern Transportation Tools Using Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy
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Modern Transportation Tools Using Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

The issue of energy seems to be one of the biggest problems in the world today. If we look at international media, this topic is the most frequently discussed. Why so? Because of course it deals with many fields. Ranging from economics, politics, to the environment related to global warming. The energy used today is dominated by the use of fuel oil, then fuel gas and coal.

Oil-producing countries such as the Middle East today are indeed in their heyday. But nobody ever knows when the fuel will run out. Therefore, the technology developed is currently trying to find a substitute for fuel for vehicles, one of which is a fuel cell with hydrogen energy.

Fuel Cell Fuel for Vehicles

For those of you who don’t know, fuel cells are fuels that use hydrogen as a base for producing electrons, protons, heat, and water. The fuel cell works based on the chemical reaction between the fuel and the oxidant that is triggered in the electrolyte.

At the anode, the catalyst oxidizes the normally hydrogen fuel and converts the fuel into positive ions and negative electrons. Ions are passed through electrolytes to the cathode and rejoin with electrons and simultaneously react with oxygen which then produces water or carbon dioxide.

Currently fuel cell research has also been developed for various types of transportation equipment. The ability of a transportation device using this fuel cell is quite amazing. A conventional car that uses this fuel cell energy can be fully charged within 3-5 minutes, and also does not produce emissions at all.

With a tank full of hydrogen energy and refilling in a short time, vehicles that use fuel cell energy will certainly be very promising. The use of transportation for members that uses fuel cells is more efficient than conventional cars. In addition, the use of the fuel cell on the vehicle also does not cause noisy engine noise.

Fuel cells can be used for various types of transportation equipment such as cars, buses, and boats. There are now many well-known companies that are releasing cars with hydrogen fuel. For example, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda, and so on. Until now, the use of hydrogen energy is still in the research stage.

Most countries that develop hydrogen energy are developed countries such as the United States that have been carrying out research on fuel cell energy for many years. Despite many obstacles, but fuel cell technology is still developing. One problem is about how to produce hydrogen energy which is bound by an oxide compound. That is the explanation of the use of fuel cells in modern transportation today.

The advantages of Bio Fuel
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The advantages of Bio Fuel

Bio fuel is a liquid derived from bio mass, especially vegetable material. The most popular forms of bio fuel are biodiesel and bioethanol. Many people consider biofuels as the perfect substitute for fossil fuels. This is because bio-fuel is more environmentally friendly when compared to fossil fuels. Recently, the popularity of bio fuel has increased.

There are three generations of bio fuel, first generation bio fuel (made from sugar, flour, oil, or animal fat), second generation (made from non-food crops), and third generation (made from algae). Looking at the huge energy needs at the moment, bio fuel is an alternative fuel that can be used later to replace fossil fuels that will soon run out.

Various Advantages of Bio Fuel

The main advantage of bio fuel compared to fossil fuels is that bio fuel is a renewable energy source that is more environmentally friendly. Bio fuel significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels. Some even say that bio fuel has carbon neutral properties. But this is not always true, because it takes a lot of energy to grow plants and turn them into fuel. Even so, bio-fuel remains far more environmentally friendly for than conventional fossil fuels.

The second generation of bio fuel is significantly more environmentally friendly when compared to the first. Some studies show that first generation bio fuel can reduce up to 60% of carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. As for the second generation, it can reduce carbon emissions by 80%.

Another advantage of bio fuel is the security of its supply. Demand for petroleum is increasing every time. There are certain problems related to this in terms of geopolitics. The use of bio fuel can be ascertained by the supply because the raw material can be grown and produced domestically. In addition, bio-fuel production can also be very beneficial in many countries that depend on refined oil products.

Bio-fuel energy sources can be a potential to solve energy problems in developing countries. Because most of these countries turn to coal to spur their economic growth. Coal is the cheapest source of energy but is also the dirtiest source of energy.

By producing bio-fuel in developing countries, the level of pollution caused by coal-fired power plants can be reduced. Even so there is still a shortage of bio fuel energy. Because it uses natural ingredients, it is feared that bio-fuel production can create biodiversity problems. Besides that, bio-fuel can also cause more severe deforestation problems in developing countries because of the forests that are being opened.

The Guidance from Advanced Fuel Association

The Guidance from Advanced Fuel Association

The project led by many Fuel Association is mostly related to renewable energy. One of the pilot project is alternative fuel. Instead of gasoline, there are three options to choose. One of them is bio diesel. It has been used widely especially in the Las Vegas, Greenville and Austin. Is it just like any other regular fuel?

For Costumers
Before considering to switch the fuel, the vehicle owners should look at the specification first. Biodiesel only works on diesel engine. There is no need to change any of the spare parts. It would be a different story if the costumers only own standard car. The machine should be customized before the bio diesel fuel could be used.

One more thing from to remember: check for the trusted sources that sells bio diesel. Say no for the risk of purchasing raw fuel. If possible, ask for the blended product. It ensures the high selection and supervision from the company. Don’t forget to stick to the maintenance schedule. Otherwise, the filter will be too dirty.

For Managers
The alternative energy is not only beneficial for the car and environment. It is also a promising business in the future. Moreover, the gas station setting is similar to the regular one. Even if there is some kind of adjustment, it won’t be the total makeover.

The managers who are interested to sell biodiesel could contact the organization for further information. Contacting is different from the obligation to register. Questions and sharing are the only goal of the contact. Should they have interest on the business, there will be another arrangement. If needed, the organization could give important testimonies.

For Distributors
Is it only manager that could make the offer to distribute bio diesel? Of course no! The small or medium distributors could propose the organization to be part of the team. Don’t worry about the training! There will be complete guidance on the training and handling. It is all presented in videos, so the distributors could repeat it as much as they want.

There will be more information about the tax and helpful resources. The email is available, just in case the distributors have more questions to ask.
It is good to have alternative fuel. When people start to switch to the biodiesel, there are several points that should be highlighted. These apply for the costumer, manager and distributors. Disobeying the warning from America’s Advanced Fuel Association might be harmful.

The Proposal From NH3 Fuel Association

The Proposal From NH3 Fuel Association

There are many Fuel Association in US, but the NH3 Association is probably the most creative one. While the other groups are frantically researching on how the government should limit the petroleum consumption. NH3, on the other hands, propose the type of fuel that could be produced within the country.

The Background
Many attempts have been done by different institutions to reduce the amount of annual fuel consumption. One option is the alternative fuel to replace the imported product. In the other words, the life of thousand US people depends on the import. Once the price of the oil increases, the whole US will suffer.
The concern also covers the fact that weather plays important role in petroleum distribution among countries. The ship will sink to the ocean because of strong rain or big hurricane. In addition, the political situation between two countries also affects the share. In short, there are many aspects that might cut the petroleum distribution from the outside country.

The Proposal
Considering the previous condition, the NH3 Group propose a new alternative for the government. It includes the use of NH3 as the fuel. It could be found everywhere. Several big cities even transport it through pipes underground, then goes to the industrial building. NH3 is proposed for its less to none carbon emission. There are lots of safe production methods that could be applied.

Then what about the user safety? Is it okay to switch NH3 for public transportation? The first use of NH3 dated back in 1940. It was during World War II, when the oil supply was low but the transportation must operate. Emerich Korch develop the liquid form of NH3. In the trial, the bus was able to run up to ten thousand miles. Then in 1960, there was X-15 rocket plane that set up the record of altitude and speed using NH3 fuel.

Referring to these two projects, the researchers build a vehicle that takes gasoline and ammonia as the fuel. The vehicle goes from Detroit to San Francisco. It is not impossible to have a vehicle that takes pure ammonia (NH3) to start the engine. The real question is whether the government ready to support the project.

Every year, the country lost at least 10 billion to the cost of importing petroleum. As it is currently the commonly used fuel for almost all public and private vehicles, it is quite difficult to stop the product. For this reason, NH3 Fuel Association propose the new alternative.

The Technology In Advanced Bio Fuel Association

The Technology In Advanced Bio Fuel Association

People might know advanced bio Fuel Association as the leading researchers. It tries lots of experiments, matching each one of them with the machine and also the resource materials. The job is tough, but the technology development helps them in the process. What are they and how they works?

– Catalysis
This process is not possible without the presence of catalyst. The catalyst itself is a unique compound. It could both lower the amount of energy needed for a reaction to take place and also speed up the reaction. In the other words, catalyst could increase the reaction product but cut the production time at the same time.

Why catalyst is used on the mass production? There are some researches that give real evidence that catalyst could improve efficiency. There is no reduction on the process. The only difference is the time needed to finish the process. In addition, it could be applied to lots of products.

– Cellulosic
There is only one way to have mass production from lignocellulose: applying more process to create sugar. The microorganism then will feed on sugar, triggering the fermentation reaction. Nowadays, the researchers prefer to use gasification and cellulosic processes. The gasification will turn the raw material to gases. They are carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

The cellulosic process is a little bit longer. It breaks down the sugar chain into smaller pieces. Then, the sugar is fermented to extract the alcohol. This process could speed up by the using acid or enzyme. The acid method is slowly forgotten, as the modern technology found more effective way by using enzymatic hydrolysis.

The Technology In Advanced Bio Fuel Association– Fermentation
This term has been mentioned several times in the previous discussion. Why? It is the heart of the process. Any raw materials must pass this step before they could be used as the fuel. Whatever the raw material used, it takes one preparation step before the sugar is ready to be fermented.

There is also another option to recover the alcohol from the finished product. Many companies give up the chance to recover the alcohol. Why? It takes more effort and cost as well. Even if the process is not impossible, it includes lots of distillation process.

When people discuss about the, technology cannot be exempted from the discussion. It is the mere reason for the alternative energy. Some of the most important steps applied by Bio Fuel Association are Catalysis, Cellulosis and Fermentation. There might be even more options in the future.

How Sustainable Energy Association Works

How Sustainable Energy Association Works

How many Energy Association out there? Hundreds maybe? If the locals and small non-profit organizations are included in the list. Now how many of them care about sustainable natural resources? This topic has been discussed in numerous occasion. The implementation, however, depends on the association.

– The Goal
By the time the organization was established, the founder has set vivid goal; giving meaningful and resourceful contribution to the policies that will affect energy building measures. The capitalization that happened every year should have been expected by the companies, considering the facts that each company hires top economic analysts to do so.

Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) is that one organization that provides the latest update on the policy. It is not merely an explanation, but also some insights of how the policy will affect the whole energy industry. Should the stakeholders holds strong proofs that the policy could somehow be harmful, then they could give constructive support to the government.

– The Recent Campaign
Back in 2016, the organization announces the campaign to provide Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C to all poor houses in UK. The program lasts for fourteen years, considering the complication of the process. First of all, the SEA is pleased to see government’s positive response towards the campaign. SEA believes that upon the completion, the number of waste emission in UK will be reduced significantly.

Ironically, the source of the energy emission is simple things like leaking water, gas and heater leaking. Even though it doesn’t happen everyday, but the calculation from each house on the whole country make a huge number. Since the leaking is the result of poor house building, UK government starts the project by rebuilding the homes. As the result, the SEA couldn’t expect instant result.

How Sustainable Energy Association WorksThe campaign doesn’t stop for the poor’s only. The SEA and the government also work together to provide as many housing as possible with the EPC Band C by 2030. The UK minister also pushes the new and innovative technologies for the house owners. The earliest campaign is by encouraging the infestation on energy efficient, low carbon and sustainable solutions.

The advantage of having sustainable resources is clear. Any country should not be worried about the energy for literally, the rest of their life. There will be no more expedition to find new land to exploit. The Sustainable Energy Association will ensure that each country could have their own resources.

What Is International Energy Agency?

What Is International Energy Agency?

In addition to the official government bodies, now there are many independent Energy Agency Associations. The aim of these organizations is more or less similar to the governments’: ensuring the energy distribution while keeping an eye on the latest policies. Is there anything more than that?

– The Mission
The International Energy Agency has 30 member countries in total. These countries are united to make sure that all members could get reliable and affordable energy. It is not just any energy, but it has to be clean energy. To help the organization, the focus is divided into four big pillars. The first one is energy security. This division basically digs how safe an energy, both alternative and main source.

The second focus is economic development. Sometimes it affects the production cost and many other things related to the resources. The third focus is environmental awareness. As big as the organization’s hope to maintain healthy resources, the local people are also expected to take care of their natural resources. Last but not least, the organization wants to spread the engagement worldwide.

– The Structure
The main board of this organization consists of different groups from different business and different countries. The leader of the organization is Dr. Fatih Birol, the Executive Director, and also Mr. Paul Simons, the Deputy Executive Director. All the decisions must pass the quality control from the board directors before being announced to the public.

What Is International Energy Agency– The Programs
When the organization was established for the first time, there was only one single aim. It is to collect the complaints and suggestions from many countries who directly affected by the oil supply disruptions. As the time passes, the board sees that the initial goal is somehow connected to several different topics. Ignoring one will stop the progress. For this reason, several programs are created to support the main board.

Instead of a messenger, IEA now puts itself within the practical frame as well. There are lots of workshops, video projects, webinars and more. Each of these information are shared within the members and selected topic would be published to the world. Who works behind the scene? More than 240 professionals.

If a country relies too much on their own governmental bodies in providing and distributing the energy resources, there will be many dark spots to hide the flaws. Thus, all the policies might not help to establish the balance within the bodies. For this reason, independent Energy Agency exists!

Getting to Know US Fuel Cell Council

Getting to Know US Fuel Cell Council

Have you ever heard about USFCC or The US Fuel Cell Council? This is an association that is broad based and is dedicated to the fuel cells commercialization in all of markets. What kind of association is it? What is the association’s advocacy result? Here is the summary for you:

– USFCC in Brief
This association was founded in 1998. Since then, this association has quickly grown from an association with fourteen original members to a big group with over one hundred members. The association members and committee should be proud of themselves as they are a member-led association and as they always strive to be a trade association that provides full service.

USFCC can also be called as the industry of fuel cell. This association brings the fuel cells message to any potential customers, to scientific and technical organizations, to suppliers, to government at every level, to opinion leaders, to media, and also to international communities. This association has both informal and formal standing in the technical venues to work its relationships with the world’s similar associations that share the same missions.

USFCC tries to always be visible in the arenas of police in the US and also in elsewhere. USFCC has three kinds of venues. They are technical venues, communication and commercial venues, and also international venues. In each venue, USFCC carries with different roles and contribution to many parties.

Getting to Know US Fuel Cell Council– The Advocacy Results of USFCC
With such advocacies above, this association has achieved at least five results. The first result is a comprehensive fuel cell research that is worth $2 billion along with deployment and development program in the United States. The second result includes annual United States’ appropriations for Demonstration, Development, and Research.

Next, the result also covers tax credits that are substantial for fuel cells installation as well as the purchase of infrastructure and vehicles of fuel cells. Then, the advocacy of this association also results in the interest of federal agency in the purchases of fuel cells for various needs and also state level policies that are shaped to support the fuel cells along with their fuels.

US Fuel Cell Council is such an association that other association in the similar fields should look up to. This association has superb mission and vision and had made great impact from their advocacies. We surely cannot wait for the next movement of this association in the nearer future.