What is the American Gas Association


What is the American Gas Association?

The American Gas Association or which is usually abbreviated into AGA was founded in 1918. This is a trade organization which represents over than 200 natural gas companies. Approximately 92% of the 70 million natural gas customers in America will get the demand for the gas from the AGA members. The explanation about the history and the organization’s membership of the American Gas Association which will be explained above may give the answer for the question of ‘what is the American Gas Association?’’.

– The History of the AGA
What is the American Gas Association? AGA or the American Gas Association was formed in June 1918. This association was the consolidation of the American Gas Institute and the National Commercial Gas Association. Both organizations aimed to serve the interests of many companies which are pertained to manufactured gas.

In January 1919, the American Gas Association released a particular publication pertaining to the natural gas industries. This publication gives much information about the activities, trends, and strategies on how to develop gas companies.

Then, in 1925, the American Gas Association decided to form some laboratories in Cleveland. Many years later, it expanded the laboratories to Los Angeles. Those laboratories aimed to develop technologies to make the gas equipment and appliances more energy efficient and consumer-friendly as well.
However, such laboratory activities were ended in 1997 since the new CSA group which is formerly the Canadian Standards Association took over them. Currently, this group has been operating the U.S. certification-type program from the laboratories. In the year of 2016, the American Gas Association pointed a new chairman of the organization namely Pierce Norton.

– The Organization’s Membership
According to the American Gas Association’s vice president of corporate affairs namely Jay Copan, the members of this organization send natural gases to for about 52 million businesses, homes, and industrial facilities. Pertaining to the membership of the American Gas Association, there is an amazing fact behind it.

Joy Copan stated that the AGA’s researches found out that there are many individuals, instead of institutions, who have more than 50 percent of utility shares. Further, the owners of the utility shares are mostly at the age of 65 or more.

Those are a brief explanation regarding the history and the organization’s membership of the American Gas Association. The explanation may give answers over the question of ‘what is the American Gas Association?’’.

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