What Is International Energy Agency


What Is International Energy Agency?

In addition to the official government bodies, now there are many independent Energy Agency Associations. The aim of these organizations is more or less similar to the governments’: ensuring the energy distribution while keeping an eye on the latest policies. Is there anything more than that?

– The Mission
The International Energy Agency has 30 member countries in total. These countries are united to make sure that all members could get reliable and affordable energy. It is not just any energy, but it has to be clean energy. To help the organization, the focus is divided into four big pillars. The first one is energy security. This division basically digs how safe an energy, both alternative and main source.

The second focus is economic development. Sometimes it affects the production cost and many other things related to the resources. The third focus is environmental awareness. As big as the organization’s hope to maintain healthy resources, the local people are also expected to take care of their natural resources. Last but not least, the organization wants to spread the engagement worldwide.

– The Structure
The main board of this organization consists of different groups from different business and different countries. The leader of the organization is Dr. Fatih Birol, the Executive Director, and also Mr. Paul Simons, the Deputy Executive Director. All the decisions must pass the quality control from the board directors before being announced to the public.

What Is International Energy Agency– The Programs
When the organization was established for the first time, there was only one single aim. It is to collect the complaints and suggestions from many countries who directly affected by the oil supply disruptions. As the time passes, the board sees that the initial goal is somehow connected to several different topics. Ignoring one will stop the progress. For this reason, several programs are created to support the main board.

Instead of a messenger, IEA now puts itself within the practical frame as well. There are lots of workshops, video projects, webinars and more. Each of these information are shared within the members and selected topic would be published to the world. Who works behind the scene? More than 240 professionals.

If a country relies too much on their own governmental bodies in providing and distributing the energy resources, there will be many dark spots to hide the flaws. Thus, all the policies might not help to establish the balance within the bodies. For this reason, independent Energy Agency exists!

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