What Does Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US

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What Does Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US?

What Does Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US? – The alternative fuel is definitely the important thing that everyone needs now in order to save the earth. That is the reason why there are so many people and organizations that start their campaign to make you and anybody else become much more aware using the alternative fuels instead of the fossil fuel. Well, the same thing has been happening in the United States for quite a while as there are lots of efforts done by the government and the third parties to provide the alternative fuel that the people want. Furthermore, there are some other significant issues that encourage the use of alternative fuels. What are they? Let’s find out below.
– The Challenges for Petroleum Refining Industry
The United States of America has been known so well because of its notable petroleum refining industry which is also the biggest in the world. Then, it seems like it has several serious problems because many related companies have to suit many challenges in this recent time. One of them that can affect the industry so significantly is the various costs of the crude oil. In the other words, the global fluctuation in the crude oil price will definitely will create bad effects in many aspects in human’s life. So then, do not be surprised that the price of the gasoline can get more and more increased over time. This kind situation must make the people have the harder life to live for sure. Based on this fact, it is actually no wonder that the people, including you, tend to change their demands of fuel. They prefer using the alternative fuels to keep their vehicle work, such as bio-diesel, ethanol, butane, propane, non-fossil methane, and so on.

Encourage the Use of Alternative Fuel in the US

– The Better Option to Keep the Environment
The Alternative fuel can be the better option that you can take mainly if you want to keep the environment as well as possible. There are many experts that have proven that the alternative fuel will be able to improve the quality of the air nicely. For example, the corn based ethanol can reduce the carbon intensity up to 34%. Even better, according to feedstock, the cellulosic ethanol can even reduce the emissions up to 88% to 108% as it depends on how much you use the advanced fuel. So, it is obvious that the alternative fuel will decrease air pollution and the effects of climate changes as well.

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