Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association or CHFCA


What Canada Has in Store for Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association

You may have heard many times about fuel cell and hydrogen energy association in the US. You may also have heard about the association’s mission, vision, advocacy, and movements in the US. But, how about in Canada? Is there any similar association?

– Introducing CHFCA
The answer to the question of whether there is such association in Canada is yes! Canada also has fuel cell and hydrogen energy association that carries similar missions with the ones in the US. The name of the association is Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association or CHFCA.

It is a national and non-profit organization that provides a support to Canadian governments, corporations, and also educational institutions that demonstrate, develop, and deploy hydrogen and fuel cell services and products in Canada.

The association’s mission is championing the sector of Canadian hydrogen and fell cell as well as strengthening the leadership and also accelerating the commercialization of the services and products owned by its members in both Canada and abroad.

The members of this association work on fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, system supply, components, integration, fueling systems, financial and engineering services, and fuel storage.

This association was established in January 2009. This association was formed when CHA or Canadian Hydrogen Association and H2FCC or Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Cana were merged together. That merger then united all members of those former groups to make an influential and vibrant association. This association is headquartered in British Columbia. CHFCA is now the representation of stakeholders’ majority in Canada’s fuel cell and hydrogen sector.

Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association or CHFCA– CHFCA’s Events
While realizing those missions and values, CHFCA also keeps on organizing various events for its members. There have been lots of influential events held since years ago. Here they are: 6th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference in December 2017, 2017 Fuel Cell Seminar and Energy Exposition in November 2017, Hydrogen + Fuel Cells NORTH AMERICA at SOLARPOWER International in September 2017, China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference and Exhibition in August 2017, CHBC Spring Summit, Member Day and Workshops at ACT Expot in May 2016, and many more events.

Canada has its own fuel cell and hydrogen energy association whose missions, activities, and movements are just as great and influential as other similar associations from other countries. There must have been lots of parties benefiting from the presence of this association. Similarly, fuel cell and hydrogen energy technology industries must have got lots of advantages from this association.

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