The Technology In Advanced Bio Fuel Association


The Technology In Advanced Bio Fuel Association

People might know advanced bio Fuel Association as the leading researchers. It tries lots of experiments, matching each one of them with the machine and also the resource materials. The job is tough, but the technology development helps them in the process. What are they and how they works?

– Catalysis
This process is not possible without the presence of catalyst. The catalyst itself is a unique compound. It could both lower the amount of energy needed for a reaction to take place and also speed up the reaction. In the other words, catalyst could increase the reaction product but cut the production time at the same time.

Why catalyst is used on the mass production? There are some researches that give real evidence that catalyst could improve efficiency. There is no reduction on the process. The only difference is the time needed to finish the process. In addition, it could be applied to lots of products.

– Cellulosic
There is only one way to have mass production from lignocellulose: applying more process to create sugar. The microorganism then will feed on sugar, triggering the fermentation reaction. Nowadays, the researchers prefer to use gasification and cellulosic processes. The gasification will turn the raw material to gases. They are carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

The cellulosic process is a little bit longer. It breaks down the sugar chain into smaller pieces. Then, the sugar is fermented to extract the alcohol. This process could speed up by the using acid or enzyme. The acid method is slowly forgotten, as the modern technology found more effective way by using enzymatic hydrolysis.

The Technology In Advanced Bio Fuel Association– Fermentation
This term has been mentioned several times in the previous discussion. Why? It is the heart of the process. Any raw materials must pass this step before they could be used as the fuel. Whatever the raw material used, it takes one preparation step before the sugar is ready to be fermented.

There is also another option to recover the alcohol from the finished product. Many companies give up the chance to recover the alcohol. Why? It takes more effort and cost as well. Even if the process is not impossible, it includes lots of distillation process.

When people discuss about the, technology cannot be exempted from the discussion. It is the mere reason for the alternative energy. Some of the most important steps applied by Bio Fuel Association are Catalysis, Cellulosis and Fermentation. There might be even more options in the future.

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