The Proposal From NH3 Fuel Association


The Proposal From NH3 Fuel Association

There are many Fuel Association in US, but the NH3 Association is probably the most creative one. While the other groups are frantically researching on how the government should limit the petroleum consumption. NH3, on the other hands, propose the type of fuel that could be produced within the country.

The Background
Many attempts have been done by different institutions to reduce the amount of annual fuel consumption. One option is the alternative fuel to replace the imported product. In the other words, the life of thousand US people depends on the import. Once the price of the oil increases, the whole US will suffer.
The concern also covers the fact that weather plays important role in petroleum distribution among countries. The ship will sink to the ocean because of strong rain or big hurricane. In addition, the political situation between two countries also affects the share. In short, there are many aspects that might cut the petroleum distribution from the outside country.

The Proposal
Considering the previous condition, the NH3 Group propose a new alternative for the government. It includes the use of NH3 as the fuel. It could be found everywhere. Several big cities even transport it through pipes underground, then goes to the industrial building. NH3 is proposed for its less to none carbon emission. There are lots of safe production methods that could be applied.

Then what about the user safety? Is it okay to switch NH3 for public transportation? The first use of NH3 dated back in 1940. It was during World War II, when the oil supply was low but the transportation must operate. Emerich Korch develop the liquid form of NH3. In the trial, the bus was able to run up to ten thousand miles. Then in 1960, there was X-15 rocket plane that set up the record of altitude and speed using NH3 fuel.

Referring to these two projects, the researchers build a vehicle that takes gasoline and ammonia as the fuel. The vehicle goes from Detroit to San Francisco. It is not impossible to have a vehicle that takes pure ammonia (NH3) to start the engine. The real question is whether the government ready to support the project.

Every year, the country lost at least 10 billion to the cost of importing petroleum. As it is currently the commonly used fuel for almost all public and private vehicles, it is quite difficult to stop the product. For this reason, NH3 Fuel Association propose the new alternative.

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