Advanced Fuel Association


The Guidance from Advanced Fuel Association

The project led by many Fuel Association is mostly related to renewable energy. One of the pilot project is alternative fuel. Instead of gasoline, there are three options to choose. One of them is bio diesel. It has been used widely especially in the Las Vegas, Greenville and Austin. Is it just like any other regular fuel?

For Costumers
Before considering to switch the fuel, the vehicle owners should look at the specification first. Biodiesel only works on diesel engine. There is no need to change any of the spare parts. It would be a different story if the costumers only own standard car. The machine should be customized before the bio diesel fuel could be used.

One more thing from to remember: check for the trusted sources that sells bio diesel. Say no for the risk of purchasing raw fuel. If possible, ask for the blended product. It ensures the high selection and supervision from the company. Don’t forget to stick to the maintenance schedule. Otherwise, the filter will be too dirty.

For Managers
The alternative energy is not only beneficial for the car and environment. It is also a promising business in the future. Moreover, the gas station setting is similar to the regular one. Even if there is some kind of adjustment, it won’t be the total makeover.

The managers who are interested to sell biodiesel could contact the organization for further information. Contacting is different from the obligation to register. Questions and sharing are the only goal of the contact. Should they have interest on the business, there will be another arrangement. If needed, the organization could give important testimonies.

For Distributors
Is it only manager that could make the offer to distribute bio diesel? Of course no! The small or medium distributors could propose the organization to be part of the team. Don’t worry about the training! There will be complete guidance on the training and handling. It is all presented in videos, so the distributors could repeat it as much as they want.

There will be more information about the tax and helpful resources. The email is available, just in case the distributors have more questions to ask.
It is good to have alternative fuel. When people start to switch to the biodiesel, there are several points that should be highlighted. These apply for the costumer, manager and distributors. Disobeying the warning from America’s Advanced Fuel Association might be harmful.

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