Sustainable Energy Becomes a New Future in America

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Sustainable Energy Becomes a New Future in America

Sustainable Energy Becomes a New Future in America – Sustainable energy is a provision of sustainable energy to meet current and future needs. The United States itself continues to develop the renewable energy industry. Especially in the land of Uncle Sam, there are many giant companies that have switched to 100 percent of the use of green electricity.

When you use electricity in America, it could be an energy source from wind turbines located in Texas or solar fields in Virginia. Facts show that world consumers are helping America in building an energy empire. According to some media in the United States, renewable energy has changed from 9 percent to 18 percent of the American energy mix.

Development of Sustainable Energy in the United States

The increase from 9 percent to 18 percent of the US energy mix, is said to come from the construction of a fast-moving technology company cloud storage center and steps to polish America’s public image by using renewable clean energy.

Especially at this time, state electricity companies are changing policies and making agreements to meet the increasing demands of renewable energy. In some cases shifting from traditional electricity supplies such as coal and natural gas to wind and solar power. Even in the state of West Virgnia which is a coal mining site though.

Since last year until now, four companies have been listed as renewable energy users in the world, namely Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. Google has even announced that they have used 100% clean energy since a year ago. All facilities and data centers run one hundred percent using renewable electricity.

In fact on the ground, the industry continues to force electricity companies to offer electricity from wind and solar resources. Until Walmart, GM, and Budweiser switched to the goal of running more of their global business from renewable energy. This is bad news for the coal industry that is struggling to rise again.

Coal producers have experienced a decline since 2008. Even though during the Trump administration there was already a promise to review unfriendly environmental regulations, but government regulations did not want to reduce coal production. But the growing market now wants green energy from sustainable energy.

Seeing this phenomenon, it can be concluded that America is currently promoting the use of green energy in its industry. But the use of coal is still relied on by some industries. While currently the coal industry is struggling in the midst of increasingly widespread use of green energy. So little is knowledge about the sustainable energy used in America. Hopefully it can be replicated by developing countries.

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