Renewable Fuel Standard in US Based on RFA

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Renewable Fuel Standard in US Based on RFA

Renewable Fuel Standard in US Based on RFA – Renewable Fuel Association (RFA) has already started to produce renewable fuel for some countries. Beside doing research about what kind of the best renewable fuel is, they also has already chosen some places as the place of producing and also doing the advance research of renewable fuel. However, RFA still has their own standard of renewable fuel before they produce it for public. These are some standards of renewable fuel provided by RFA.
1. Pollution Standards
As for renewable fuel, RFA has their own standard of it. The fuel should have 60% reduction to gasoline. Before producing the renewable fuel, some research already conducted, and this is the result:

  • Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission
    As the result, ethanol actually can reduce carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide emission is very bad for our environment even though we still need it too. It should remind us as how people think online gambling games are bad but they keep accessing to bet. It is unavoidable.
  • Compared to Gasoline
    Compared to gasoline or fossil fuel, renewable fuel can reduce 34% of emission. This result actually kind a good result because it is eco-friendly and ready to produce.

2. Blend Wall
The vehicle operated in US nowadays still have limitations about maximum amount of ethanol can be used in the engine. The total maximum amount of ethanol in the fuel is 10%. If people want to use ethanol for the fuel more than 15%, they have to modify their engine. This could be a problem because to modify the engines, we need additional cost.

The solution is to blend the fossil fuel and mix it with renewable fuel as much as the engine can accept. This way of blending usually call as blending wall in America and could be consider as a solution of start using renewable fuel for the car. For some cars, blend wall cannot be used because the engine cannot accept it. If the owner wants to modify the whole engine, they can start using renewable fuel for the cars.

In sum, we need the engine to work well but we also need to preserve our own environment. We plan to live in it for years ahead, and this solution in fuel should be celebrated. Modifying the engine is also helpful while combining fuel sources should be a good alternative as well.

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