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Modern Transportation Tools Using Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

The issue of energy seems to be one of the biggest problems in the world today. If we look at international media, this topic is the most frequently discussed. Why so? Because of course it deals with many fields. Ranging from economics, politics, to the environment related to global warming. The energy used today is dominated by the use of fuel oil, then fuel gas and coal.

Oil-producing countries such as the Middle East today are indeed in their heyday. But nobody ever knows when the fuel will run out. Therefore, the technology developed is currently trying to find a substitute for fuel for vehicles, one of which is a fuel cell with hydrogen energy.

Fuel Cell Fuel for Vehicles

For those of you who don’t know, fuel cells are fuels that use hydrogen as a base for producing electrons, protons, heat, and water. The fuel cell works based on the chemical reaction between the fuel and the oxidant that is triggered in the electrolyte.

At the anode, the catalyst oxidizes the normally hydrogen fuel and converts the fuel into positive ions and negative electrons. Ions are passed through electrolytes to the cathode and rejoin with electrons and simultaneously react with oxygen which then produces water or carbon dioxide.

Currently fuel cell research has also been developed for various types of transportation equipment. The ability of a transportation device using this fuel cell is quite amazing. A conventional car that uses this fuel cell energy can be fully charged within 3-5 minutes, and also does not produce emissions at all.

With a tank full of hydrogen energy and refilling in a short time, vehicles that use fuel cell energy will certainly be very promising. The use of transportation for members that uses fuel cells is more efficient than conventional cars. In addition, the use of the fuel cell on the vehicle also does not cause noisy engine noise.

Fuel cells can be used for various types of transportation equipment such as cars, buses, and boats. There are now many well-known companies that are releasing cars with hydrogen fuel. For example, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda, and so on. Until now, the use of hydrogen energy is still in the research stage.

Most countries that develop hydrogen energy are developed countries such as the United States that have been carrying out research on fuel cell energy for many years. Despite many obstacles, but fuel cell technology is still developing. One problem is about how to produce hydrogen energy which is bound by an oxide compound. That is the explanation of the use of fuel cells in modern transportation today.

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