How Sustainable Energy Association Works


How Sustainable Energy Association Works

How many Energy Association out there? Hundreds maybe? If the locals and small non-profit organizations are included in the list. Now how many of them care about sustainable natural resources? This topic has been discussed in numerous occasion. The implementation, however, depends on the association.

– The Goal
By the time the organization was established, the founder has set vivid goal; giving meaningful and resourceful contribution to the policies that will affect energy building measures. The capitalization that happened every year should have been expected by the companies, considering the facts that each company hires top economic analysts to do so.

Sustainable Energy Association (SEA) is that one organization that provides the latest update on the policy. It is not merely an explanation, but also some insights of how the policy will affect the whole energy industry. Should the stakeholders holds strong proofs that the policy could somehow be harmful, then they could give constructive support to the government.

– The Recent Campaign
Back in 2016, the organization announces the campaign to provide Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C to all poor houses in UK. The program lasts for fourteen years, considering the complication of the process. First of all, the SEA is pleased to see government’s positive response towards the campaign. SEA believes that upon the completion, the number of waste emission in UK will be reduced significantly.

Ironically, the source of the energy emission is simple things like leaking water, gas and heater leaking. Even though it doesn’t happen everyday, but the calculation from each house on the whole country make a huge number. Since the leaking is the result of poor house building, UK government starts the project by rebuilding the homes. As the result, the SEA couldn’t expect instant result.

How Sustainable Energy Association WorksThe campaign doesn’t stop for the poor’s only. The SEA and the government also work together to provide as many housing as possible with the EPC Band C by 2030. The UK minister also pushes the new and innovative technologies for the house owners. The earliest campaign is by encouraging the infestation on energy efficient, low carbon and sustainable solutions.

The advantage of having sustainable resources is clear. Any country should not be worried about the energy for literally, the rest of their life. There will be no more expedition to find new land to exploit. The Sustainable Energy Association will ensure that each country could have their own resources.

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