Getting to Know US Fuel Cell Council


Getting to Know US Fuel Cell Council

Have you ever heard about USFCC or The US Fuel Cell Council? This is an association that is broad based and is dedicated to the fuel cells commercialization in all of markets. What kind of association is it? What is the association’s advocacy result? Here is the summary for you:

– USFCC in Brief
This association was founded in 1998. Since then, this association has quickly grown from an association with fourteen original members to a big group with over one hundred members. The association members and committee should be proud of themselves as they are a member-led association and as they always strive to be a trade association that provides full service.

USFCC can also be called as the industry of fuel cell. This association brings the fuel cells message to any potential customers, to scientific and technical organizations, to suppliers, to government at every level, to opinion leaders, to media, and also to international communities. This association has both informal and formal standing in the technical venues to work its relationships with the world’s similar associations that share the same missions.

USFCC tries to always be visible in the arenas of police in the US and also in elsewhere. USFCC has three kinds of venues. They are technical venues, communication and commercial venues, and also international venues. In each venue, USFCC carries with different roles and contribution to many parties.

Getting to Know US Fuel Cell Council– The Advocacy Results of USFCC
With such advocacies above, this association has achieved at least five results. The first result is a comprehensive fuel cell research that is worth $2 billion along with deployment and development program in the United States. The second result includes annual United States’ appropriations for Demonstration, Development, and Research.

Next, the result also covers tax credits that are substantial for fuel cells installation as well as the purchase of infrastructure and vehicles of fuel cells. Then, the advocacy of this association also results in the interest of federal agency in the purchases of fuel cells for various needs and also state level policies that are shaped to support the fuel cells along with their fuels.

US Fuel Cell Council is such an association that other association in the similar fields should look up to. This association has superb mission and vision and had made great impact from their advocacies. We surely cannot wait for the next movement of this association in the nearer future.

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