Facts of Fuel Consumption in The US up to Present

It is undeniable that we should change our lifestyle, including fossil fuel consumption. Since this kind of energy source is not renewable in a short time, there should be other sources to meet the demand. Thus, renewable energy exists, and the US uses it to decrease fossil fuel consumption.
• Renewable Energy Source
The US actively searches and uses alternative energy sources to meet their need. Although 80 per cent of energy source is still a fossil fuel, the US already uses nuclear and renewable sources, even double the share of energy consumption this year. It just a matter of time for the US to consume less or none fossil fuels.

The US prefers nuclear energy more since 42 per cent of renewable energy consumption comes from nuclear. Then, 25 per cent of energy consumption is from biomass such as biofuels and wood. The numbers are growing each year, just like how savings are growing each time. Besides those two sources, wind and solar power use also start to dominate.

• Rank Five in the World
Although not in the first position, in 2017, the US should be proud enough to be number five of the world’s ten largest economies for proportions of energy source is the renewable and nuclear one. This is proof that this superpower country does care about the earth and future, so they try their best to change over from fossil fuels. It is like online casino players who try their best to make income by playing on so they can change their future.

Facts of Fuel Consumption

Washington State and New Hampshire lead the renewable and nuclear energy consumption race by using these kinds of energy source for 50 per cent of their energy need. It means that they are succeeded to decrease the use of fossil fuels to 50 per cent. Other states also followed to use of renewable and nuclear energy source more. It is expected that they can get the same percentage as Washington and New Hampshire in several years ahead.
The US has already tried the best to decrease fossil fuel consumption and change into the more eco-friendly, renewable energy source. Let’s hope that this big country will be more adamant in this matter can become an example for other countries.

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