Ammonia Fuel Energy and its safety features

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Ammonia Fuel Energy and its safety features

Ammonia or also known as NH3 is a chemical compound that has the form of a gas with a distinctive sharp odor. Ammonia is a stable compound and has a function as a basic material for the production of nitrogen compounds commercially. At present, ammonia has been used as a base material for ammonia energy sources.

In the United States alone, ammonia is regulated as a non-flammable gas. Ammonia is made by haber bosch process at a temperature of 370 – 540 degrees Celsius and a pressure of 10 – 1000 atm, using Fe3O4 catalyst. This catalyst has a function to expand the lattice and enlarge the active surface. Then high temperatures are used to get the desired reaction rate. The following is a discussion of ammonia energy sources

Energy Sources from Ammonia and Its Advantages

The use of fuel derived from ammonia has actually been widely applied in the world. In its history, ammonia is safe enough to be used as an energy source. Some even say that the use of ammonia is quite safe as is the use of gasoline as fuel from cars.

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But there are indeed many misconceptions about the safety of using NH3 or ammonia. The most important fact that must be known is that energy sources derived from ammonia are more environmentally friendly because they do not produce emissions that result in a greenhouse effect. Of course this is superior to the use of fuel oil which results in this.

Because of its main advantages which do not have an impact on the ozone layer, the use of ammonia as an energy source is increasingly common. This idea has emerged many years ago. As we know, that the use of fuel oil has an impact on global climate change that is happening now.

At present, the use of fuel derived from ammonia is sufficiently developed abroad. In fact there are also associations that take care of the use of ammonia. This could be a sign that there is a possibility that someday fossil fuels will be replaced with alternative fuels such as ammonia.

The use of energy made from ammonia is also considered to be ideal for replacing fuel oil. Another advantage of ammonia is that it is cheaper compared to fossil fuels today. In addition to ammonia conversion is also not expensive because it only changes the intake, without having to change the engine to be used. But of course the level of security from the use of ammonia must be considered.

Because of its gas form, what must be considered is its flammability. Do not let an accident occur in the use of ammonia energy sources. So the information can be given, hopefully it can be useful for those of you who want to know about alternative energy sources from ammonia.

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